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Therapy and Counselling

C. G. Jung Institute's Psychotherapeutic Counselling Centre for Adults, Children, and Youths offers counselling to persons in distress or crisis, and refers them to diploma candidates of the Jung Institute for therapy and analysis. A first personal, no-obligation session allows you to take the first important step in getting therapeutic care. A Brochure for the Counselling Centre can be found in the Downloads section.




ContactJean-Jacques Faber lic. phil.

Phone: +41 44 914 1059




Children and Adolescents


ContactFranziska Stüssi Analyt. Psych.

Phone: +41 44 914 1058



Finding an Analyst/Therapist

A list of analysts is provided for those who would like to look for a therapist or analyst themselves.

Finding an Analyst / Therapist
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Sommersemester 2019:

08.04. - 05.07.2019


Summer Semester 2019

08.04. - 05.07.2019


Englisch Block Periods:


Fall: 21.10. - 08.11.2019

Winter: 3.2. - 21.2.2020


Öffnungszeiten / Opening hours Front Office:

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Öffnungszeiten Bibliothek / Opening hours Library:

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