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Curriculum Psychoanalysis International

Short description

In the Training Program Psychoanalysis, students can choose to specialise in three different fields: 

  •  Analysis with Adults (Program E) 
  •  Analysis with Children and Adolescents (Program K)
  • Analysis with Adults, Children and Adolescents (Program C)  


Admission Requirements

Minimum age: 25 years

Completed academic studies (Master Level, University or Advanced Technical College) in all fields.

50 hours Jungian self-experience Analysis within the framework of a Jungian Analysis with a member of the International Association for Analytical Psychology, IAAP.



The studies can mainly be done extra-occupational and last at least 8 semesters. The required 3 month Clinical Internship can be completed during the general study period or during leave of absence.



For the E and K Programs, at least 78,630 Swiss Francs and for the C Program at least 82,330 Swiss Francs 


These figures exclude costs for travel, meals, accommodation and study materials (books etc.)


Time bar Training Program Psychoanalysis International E (work with adults)

Training Program Psychoanalysis International
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Semesterdaten / Semester Dates:


Sommersemester / Summer Semester 2019

08.04. - 05.07.2019


English Block Periods

Summer:17.6.- 05.7.2019 

Fall: 21.10. - 08.11.2019

Winter: 3.2. - 21.2.2020



Öffnungszeiten / Opening Hours:


Front Office

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Bibliothek / Library

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