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The Picture Archives of the C.G. Jung Institute Zurich in Küsnacht comprises some 14,000 drawings from patients and analysands who worked with C.G. Jung or with therapists of the following generations. It also hosts a broad collection of comparative material from the history of the human spirit intended to aid in researching motifs, images, and their archetypal symbolism. "Painting from the Unconscious" is part of a method described by Jung as "Active Imagination". Beginning in 1916, Jung began using this method with his patients, after having experimented with it himself for many years. The idea is to get in touch with inner fantasies and then to reflect on them consciously. This takes place by concentrating on images that appear as motifs in dreams or in spontaneous fantasies or that arise in the context of emotional states. 


Contact: Ruth Ammann dipl. Arch. ETH

Email: ammann(at)

Opening Hours:  By Appointment


Showing pictures and slides on request by appointment.


Charge from 21st January 2016:


- One person (1 - 1,5 hours)

CHF 100.00

- Two people (1 - 1,5 hours)

CHF 150.00

- Groups of three and more people

CHF 250.00


Students and Accredited Analysts of the C.G. Jung Institute Zurich are at no charge.



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Wintersemester 2015/16:
19. Oktober 2015 -

26. Februar 2016


Winter Semester 2015/16:
October 19th 2015 -

February 26th, 2016


English Block Periods:

Winter: 08.02.-26.02.2016

Summer: 20.06.-8.07.2016

Fall: 24.10.-11.10.2016


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The Institute is approved for US Federal loans for US students.

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